One Missing

The American Legion Post # 290 was missing a regular member of it’s Firing Squad on 11-11 at Veterans Park, celebrating Veterans Day. A Veteran and Brother in Christ wasn’t present. No he wasn’t AWOL. He had been promoted by his Supreme Commander to his Permanent Duty Station.

Doyle Cromer and I were joking buddys. We never passed up an opportunity to spar and jab at one another about the others politics, while always joking and smiling. Back in 2014 I was diagnosed as having some junk in my lungs and would be taking treatments at the “C” Center at Forsyth Hospital. One morning to my surprise I spotted my joking buddy Doyle. Naturally we got together and picked and joked, with our wives warning us to quieten down or they would run us out. We would see each other for several Wednesdays and joke but the subject of politics NEVER CAME UP. Some things are just more important.

Soon Brother Doyle was promoted to his new Duty station where he wears a white robe instead of military uniform and a Crown given him by the Prince of Peace. I salute You My Brother

Billy Joyce

Walnut Cove

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