Bird Sanctuary? Obviously not!

How ironic that Walnut Cove promotes itself as a “bird sanctuary” when entering the town limits, but the Town itself is waging war against the buzzards (aka vultures) that live there. Apparently these “unsightly” birds are hindering “economic development” in the town. Really? Personally, I find it a little disturbing to see dead birds hanging around town, but I prefer that peaceful deterrent to the other option the town wants to pursue, which is obtaining a permit from the USDA to kill the birds. I am completely opposed to this—killing these birds for no reason other than to deter the other birds (or is it to simply rid the town of their problem?) is unacceptable. I certainly hope the USDA does not approve the request. If the birds are indeed damaging some roofs, then perhaps something could be done to deter the birds from those specific areas. Otherwise, I like the “live and let live” viewpoint.

I enjoy driving through Walnut Cove JUST to see the buzzards. I look forward to watching them when I drive by the old cement plant, which is a perfect spot for them to roost, watching them soar in the sky, and seeing them when they’re working as nature’s housekeepers and cleaning up “unsightly” dead animals in the area. Perhaps instead of seeing them as a negative, the town could see them in a positive—that it is actually interesting to have these wonderful creatures pick Walnut Cove to live.

Personally, I’m in Walnut Cove every day spending money in Walnut Cove businesses. Although I doubt if anyone actually says “I’m not shopping in Walnut Cove because of the buzzards”, I can certainly understand not doing business in town because they’ve willfully killed birds. As much as it upsets me, even worse, my 5 year old, who loves to see them as much as I do, now worries about whether or not “those people” have started shooting them and prays that God will protect the birds, bless his heart. I hope He does too….

Joell Beth Montgomery

Germanton, NC

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