Sickening! Sickening! Sickening!

Dear Sir,

Sickening! Sickening! Sickening! That is what politics is on the local, state and federal levels, in my opinion. Our commission is totally useless. I’ve traveled the highways in almost 50 states. Stokes are the nastiest, we build a college and let a community school fall in. We have no animal control. We remain in the hospital business as a detriment of the patients. It’s impossible to speak to a commissioner or the so called County Manager. Useless! Useless! Useless!

The Governor is a bought and paid for Duke Power, Cresant Land and Timber puppet on a string.

The State GOP intends to control us from the womb to the tomb. It’s time for a house, senate and governor change. Outlaw lobbying and graft, corruption with it.

The current election cycle is a disgrace to the nation. The world is laughing at us and calling us fools. It looks more like a not so well ran, made for T.V. comedy, than an election year.

We need a house and senate cleaning. They have all become useless. Whatever is in, vote it out is the only thing that makes common sense. That is something I find little of in Stokes.

I believe most of Stokes 46,000 plus residents believe their ancestors fought for the west in the civil war.

We should never had a coal ash problem. We should never have a fracking problem. We need management! We have useless Politicians.

Lonnie Phillip Bowman

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