What is happening to this county?

Dear Editor,

As I read the latest issue of the Stokes News, I was shocked at the goings on of our elected commissioners. It seems to me that they have fallen into the corporate welfare septic tank and its full to the brim and one of them is well.

It does not seem to matter that the children in several schools will need to wear wet suits, a raincoat, and have an umbrella over them to play in their schools in the near future.

The county can’t run an animal shelter, God help the folks at whatever the name of the taken over hospital will be.

The picture in mind of the commission is that they are all standing on tiptoes saying “Don’t make a wave.”

All this stuff floating around is up the short one’s nose and he is trying to mutter something.

I’ve decided the word “sell!” does not exist in in any of their vocabularies.

I’ve enjoyed reading the editorial Mr. Timms monthly for years but I believe he needs a wake-up call. The Constitution is one of the biggest lies ever written by a man whose escapades in France along with Ben Franklin’s would make Bill Cosby and Tiger Woods look like virgin choir boys.

Jefferson was also fond of buying 9, 10, 11 year old girls and keeping them at the big house until they became ready for breeding. “All men are created equal.”

Remember the Elvis song, “On a cold Chicago morn another little child is born in the ghetto, and his mother cries.”

I wonder if the mother cries when one is born on Strafford Road and there are a few Caddy’s and a Porsche in the four car garage and fixing to add on.

Mr. Timm is more full of it than a turduckin in my opinion.

God mad man a free moral agent with an absolute right to go to hell if they choose to.

Sin builds schools, pays EMS workers and renovates hospitals.

Start racing greyhounds at 311 Raceway and the county would take in so many millions the commission would have to reinstate their travel pay to figure out how to spend it all.

They could stop corporate welfare and get back to being Republicans.

Jerry Ford once said, “Government could not make beer and sell it for $50 six pack and turn a profit.”

What happened to the GOP”

Its become unrecognizable.

Is capitalism so dead that the taxpayers have to support it?

From the pages of unpaid taxes it looks most Stokes County citizens have decided not to.

Why not sell 100 a week until the list is clear? How many thousands did it take to print that list?

God bless America.

Lonnie Bowman

Walnut Cove

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