The Battle

Dear Editor,

Who will show up for the Battle? The Battle over the Supremacy of the immutable, eternal Law of God–“the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” found in the Bible’s Holy Scriptures (Blackstone’s Commentary, Book 1, Section 2) that discriminates against LGBT behavior, and, the assumption that the Constitution indiscriminately prohibits discrimination, thereby allowing a male Transgender to use a woman’s bathroom, since he thinks he is a she, or vise versa.

“Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved,” wrote Martin Luther. Our General Assembly and Republican Governor proved their moral wholesomeness by passing HB2: overriding Charlotte’s Transgender Bathroom Ordinance. However, the response against HB2 is deafening! Paypal and other businesses spoke of not doing business in North Carolina. And Greensboro’s City Council passed a Resolution against HB2.

Isn’t there something wrong with men that want to use women’s bathrooms, and vise versa? And isn’t there something wrong with our Democrat State Attorney and all others that support immorality paralleling Sodom and Gomorrah’s equal rights? Shouldn’t law and the court support Truth, Morality and Safety, or is falsehood, immorality and danger, OK?

Without the public’s rallying approval of HB2, immorality’s forwardness will advance. Immorality postulates: you cannot discriminate, yet immorality discriminates against you, until you accept their immorality.

It is the traitor that rots the soul of a nation and undermines its pillars, wrote Cicero. Therefore, The Battle is for Virtue, with its ineffable wholesomeness from the Holy Scriptures.

E.A. Timm, Walnut Cove

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