Shallow Shale is Dangerous

I just read the article in the Stokes News, “Core drilling hits bottom”. In the article it said the core drilling went through the shale layer (where potential gases can be found) and hit metamorphic rock at 1,451 feet. This shows that the potential for fracking is even scarier than we first thought. In the governing rules for fracking there is no minimum depth established for fracking wells.

So let’s do the math. We now know our shale is laying less than 1,451 deep; let say it is 1,400 feet to give a best-case scenario. And some of our water wells are over 1,000 feet deep such as one of the municipal wells in Walnut Cove that is 1,230 feet deep. This means the water table is deeper than 1,230 feet. When a horizontal line of a fracking well (this one being at 1400 feet) is fracked, the fractures or cracks extend over 500 feet from the line. This means, at best, the cracks carrying toxic chemicals and gases with be within a 100 feet of our drinking water. And you know reality will be much worse than this best case example.

Please wake-up and add your voice to stop this madness our greedy legislators are trying to force on us. Fracking is dangerous!

Peggy Wert


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