Please support Chromebooks

Several years back Stokes County toyed with county commissioners representing geographic districts rather than the county at large. From what I am reading in the Stokes News geographical representation is again a political fact in Danbury and West and South Stokes high schools are about to pay the price. If you thought voting for five Republicans was enough, think again. You should consider where those commissioners live.

This last school year North Stokes High School issued a Chromebook to every student. As expected the students took to their Chromebooks like they live with their cellphones. The program at North Stokes was a success as it has been across the state. The school board budgeted this year to expand the Chromebooks to West and South Stokes. Instead of supporting the school board the commissioners propose to cut the school board’s proposed budget so drastically the Chromebooks are very much in jeopardy for the southern half of the county.

Who wants a newfangled gadget like a Chromebook anyway? Ask the students who find themselves in classes without textbooks. Ask the students who need to online help with an essay. Ask me. I’m writing this on a Chromebook.

The commissioners will tell you the school board came to them with a proposed budget of $13.2 million, an increase of $1.1 million. We want to cut your budget to an increase of a $100,000 or so say the commissioners. You find the money for the Chromebooks.

The school board says this time, after years of meeting shortfalls from its own fund balance, the money to expand the Chromebook program simply isn’t there without help from the commissioners. The word is that commissioners Leon Inman and Jimmy Walker, both from King, favor putting back the Chromebook money. That’s two. The three remaining are Ernest Lankford, Rhonda Jones and James Booth. Their addresses are Danbury, Danbury and Westfield.

Do we have geographical representation or commissioners representing the entire county? We will see.

Don Elliott

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