Resolutions commissioners should be considering

Dear Editor,

I am so saddened by our Stokes County Commissioners and their passage of a resolution to support HB2.

As a citizen of Stokes County, let me suggest what they SHOULD be spending their time on. They should be educating citizens on the much-needed structural improvements to county-owned buildings because fixing them will necessitate a tax increase. They should be RESOLVING not to let county employees work in buildings with moldy and leaky roofs. They should be educating people on the suicide epidemic in Stokes County and RESOLVING to partner with agencies to offer resources that support individuals in need. They should be RESOLVING to recruit businesses to Stokes County and devote time and resources to economic development. They should be RESOLVING to eliminate food deserts within the county lines. They should be RESOLVING to improve the quality of life for the elderly and infirm in Stokes County. They should be RESOLVING to increase recreational opportunities for families and young people. They should be RESOLVING to make this a place we can be proud to live in, work in, and claim as home. Our commissioners need to spend time “resolving” things that actually matter and leave the moral pontificating to the pulpit.

Let me just add that this resolution does not represent my views. These elected officials do not represent me. That is why I will be voting against them when they are up for reelection. Once again, Ronda Jones and Leon Inman were voices of reason on a Board of Commissioners that seems determined to represent their own views and not those of their constituents.

Just like their resolution to support gay marriage, this too will fall by the wayside. Meanwhile, county workers move buckets around to catch leaks, residents are contemplating life alternatives, young people have no viable economic incentive to stay here, etc…

Kris Dearmin


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