Thanks for help

Dear Editor,

Late in the afternoon on May 21st at Mtn. View Rd. and Hwy 66 my dog Bonnie jumped from the bed of my pickup and I did not realize it until I was at a jobsite one mile from Hanging Rock Park. The search was on. After a posting on Craig’s List and distribution of flyers, numerous calls and sightings came in and 28 days later I picked the dog up on Moore’s Springs Rd. just past Stony Ridge Rd. Being from Asheboro finding the dog was a daunting task since she is abnormally shy and without the help of the kind people of King the dog never would have been recovered. Space will not permit naming everyone we met and who helped but anyone reading this will know who you are when we mention trail cameras, food stations, setting traps, phone call sightings, taking phone pictures, offering prayers, Facebook postings both private and by the Stokes Sheriff Department, offering overnight lodging to a perfect stranger, and most of all genuine concern that we would find Bonnie. Words can’t express the warmness that we felt from the King and Stokes community during this event and we count it a great privilege to have met some of the most accommodating people in the world. Forever grateful.

Eric D. Newton,


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