North Stokes athletes honored on Under Armor Watch List

By Amanda Dodson -

Senior, Lauren Charleville

Dale Sands | For The Stokes News

Senior, Megan Condon

Dale Sands | For The Stokes News

Senior, Tana Frye

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Junior, Chandley Garner

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“They have an absolute sheer drive to succeed. I don’t think a single one of them leaves anything on the court,” said North Stokes volleyball coach Christine Condon.

Three of her seniors Tana Frye, Lauren Charleville, and Megan Condon were named on the American Volleyball Coaches Association and Under-Armour Watch List and in the running for one of 72 All-American slots which will be announced in early November. As a junior, Chandley Garner made the Phenom List.

Each of the athletes have played volleyball for the past five to six years, including middle school and travel programs. The four ladies also excel in at least one other sport.

Frye and Garner were key infielders in the 2014 NCHSSA softball state championship win. Condon finished her junior year medaling in discus at the state track and field championship and 5’11 Charleville made 1A basketball all-conference honorable mention last winter.

“It’s nice to see the girls get recognized for the hard work they do,” Condon said.

At this point in the season, Condon (Megan) is ranked third in the state in assists per set with 244 assists in 42 sets. The senior is seventh in the state on total assists and fourth in conference. She has 101 digs for 2.4 per set. Condon is fourth in the conference with 48 serving aces and 16th in the state.

Frye has added 207 digs (5.8 digs per set in 38 sets) ranking third in the conference. She’s sixth in the state for total digs and fifth in the state for digs per set.

Charleville ranks third in the conference with a .313 hitting percentage and 10th in the conference for 89 kills.

As a junior on the Phenom list, Garner has 141 digs for 3.4 per set. She’s fifth in conference for digs per set. She ranks seventh in the conference for kills (109) and hitting percentage (.250).

“We’re an extremely small school and it’s very easy to be overlooked. People don’t realize the amount of stats these four girls put up in a small amount of games,” Condon said. “We play a short season with only 17 games where their competitors are playing 22-23 games during the regular season.”

The coach said the girls add far more than impressive numbers to the program.

“These seniors are great leaders. I can look at Lauren (Charleville) and ask her to help the younger hitters and she unselfishly does it. She immediately stops what she’s doing to help. The same goes for Tana (Frye). She comes in and spends extra time working with them.”

Although Condon’s daughter, Megan has only been at North Stokes for the past two seasons, she’s left her mark on and off the court.

“She’s a strong setter and works on drills with the younger ones. As a junior, Chandley (Garner) works at camps, helping the middle school girls. These girls aren’t just here for themselves. They want to see the program succeed.”

Condon (Megan) holds the school record for serving 81 aces and 704 assists last season. In a few weeks she’s set to sign with Pfeiffer as a two sport athlete to run track and play volleyball.

“Volleyball is a lot more mental than physical. It’s a team sport where you have to know how to communicate,” she said.

Frye added, “Softball is a slower paced sport where you have to think about it between each play and volleyball you have to be quick to react. I love that about it.”

The four girls said they were honored to be named on the list, but it was even more meaningful to share it with teammates.

“It showed us it isn’t just one person that stands out on our team; it’s about all of us working together,” Garner said.

Each of the ladies also recognized their parents for investing in the sports they love.

Charleville said, “My parents have always been there through every game and supported me. They’ve pushed me to become better at whatever I’m playing.”

Garner, who verbally committed to play softball at N.C. State her sophomore year, believes her family is the strongest support system she has.

“My dad has always let me know if I wanted anything that I was going to have to work for it,” she said.

Frye’s father, North’s softball coach, encouraged her to play hard, and rely on yourself as well as your teammates.

Condon said Keith Gore, her former track coach, pushed her to become a stronger athlete, along with her parents who’d given her opportunities to play volleyball year round and attend a number of camps.

For now, the girls are working to finish their season strong, well into playoffs.

“We want to go out with a bang,” Frye said.

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Senior, Lauren Charleville, Lauren Charleville Dale Sands | For The Stokes News

Senior, Megan Condon, Megan Condon Dale Sands | For The Stokes News

Senior, Tana Frye, Tana Frye Dale Sands | For The Stokes News

Junior, Chandley Garner, Chandley Garner Courtesy photo

By Amanda Dodson

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