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West Stokes senior Caustin Beckner was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Michael Mullins | For The Stokes News

WPAC Football All Conference Team

After earning a conference championship and an 11-2 season West Stokes dominated the 2015 Western Piedmont All Conference teams.

Jacob Wagoner and Josh Goad were named offensive lineman along with Joshua Lane (Carver), Luke Alderman (Forbush), Brayton Fields (North Surry), Tanner Blevins (Surry Central), Trey Stamper (North Surry), and Jordan Griffeth (Carver).

Alex Manley and Devan Hairston topped the list as running backs along with South Stokes Keelan Goodwin, Avery Smith (North Surry), Rashad Butler (Carver), Tyquan Watson (Carver), Zane Johnson (Forbush), Eric Ramirez (Surry Central), and Andrew Smith (North Surry).

Receiver honors went to Kameron Wall, South Stokes Jonah Moorefield, Colton Acord (North Surry), Kajuan Jackson (Carver), Reid Stanley (North Surry), Jon Transou (Carver).

Patrick Ellis made the WPAC team along with Forbush kicker Jose Aguilar.

Offense Honorable Mentions went to Alex Helvey and South Stokes Robbie Hennelly, Jed Kidd (Surry Central), Germane Crowell, Jr. (Carver), Chandler Johnson (Surry Central), Dex Bray (Forbush) and Kaleb Dunn (Forbush).

Defensive lineman Matthew Craver, Jacob Conn, Alex Finney, and Alex Helvey, Dequan Napper (Carver), Luke Alderman (Forbush), Nic Huff (North Surry), David Pena (Surry Central), Joseph Simpson (North Surry.

Defensive Backs Jacob Rosecrans, Jacob Moore, Aman Crowell (Carver), Colton Acord (North Surry), Randolph Wilds (Carver), Darius Duncan (North Surry), and Tyler Daniels (Surry Central).

Linebackers Caustin Beckner, Ty Walker, Josh Transou (Carver), Casey Hull (North Surry), Terrion Cherry (Carver), Jason Walker (Carver), and Jacob McHone (North Surry).

Defensive Honorable Mentions went to Gavin Parker, South Stokes Mason Dutton, Riley Dockery (Surry Central), Hunter Chapman (Forbush), and Chase Summers (North Surry).

Caustin Beckner was named Defensive Player of the Year and Coach of the Year went to Jimmy Upchurch.

WPAC Women’s Golf All Conference Team

South Stokes Nicole Rogers, Mallory Tedder, Rachel Brown, and Lauren Collins were named to this year’s WPAC All-Conference teams along with West Stokes Tera Holmes and Emma Wade. Autumn Senter (Surry Central), Ellie Kid (Surry Central), Star Burton (Surry Central), Alexis Huffman (Forbush), Ariel

Montoya (Forbush), Charlotte Moser (North Surry), Katie Branch (Surry Central), and Salem Poindexter (Surry Central).

WPAC Women’s Volleyball All Conference Team

South Stokes Taylor Moulton, Samantha Williams, Lilly Weaver, West Stokes Abigail Gordon, Maggie Hawks (North Surry) Ashlynn Jewell (Surry Central), Michaela Allred (Forbush), Tyra Galloway (North Surry), Jess Fowler (Surry Central), Briana Hinshaw (Forbush), Mikela Johnson (North Surry), Alex Winger (Forbush), and Dixie Fulk (North Surry).

Honorable Mentions were West Stokes Rachel Delcamp, Hannah Delcamp, South Stokes Mary Weaver along with Madison Robertson (Surry Central), Sydney Matthews (Forbush), Paige Sizemore (North Surry), Taylor Coe (Surry Central), Synkonza Evans (Carver).

South Stokes Taylor Moulton was named Player of the Year and Doug Balser Coach of the Year.

WPAC Men’s Soccer All Conference Team

West Stokes Trent Washer, Nate Hale, Cole Hornaday and South Stokes Matthew Mudd, John Kevin Fischer, and Cody Rogers. Ryan Miller (Forbush), Weston Edwards (Forbush), Adrian Gonzalez (Surry Central), Schuylaw Eldridge (Forbush), Edgar Sancha (Forbush), Joshua Sisk (Forbush), Justo Cristobal (Surry Central), Alexis Cortes (North Surry), Arturo Lopez (Surry Central), Ivan Barrientos (North Surry), David Martinez (North Surry), Enrique Rosales (Forbush).

Honorable Mentions were West Stokes Tyson France, Bailey Moran, South Stokes Logan Mankaryos, Alexis Maldonado, Julio Sanchez (Surry Central), Fernando Talavera (Surry Central), Francisco Pascual (Forbush), Miguel Tello (Surry Central), and Grant Whittington (North Surry).

Defensive Player of the Year Weston Edwards of Forbush, Offensive Player of the Year Ryan Miller of Forbush, and Coach of the Year Blake Roth of Surry Central.

WPAC Cross Country All Conference Team

Men’s – West Stokes Josh Adkins, Dakota Mendenhall (Forbush), Matthew Mayes (North Surry), Daniel Alvarez (Surry Central), Elvis Vega (Surry Central), Eli Riggs (North Surry), Tristin Ellard (Surry Central), Carson Green (North Surry), Charlie Wyrick (Forbush), Travis Dixon (Forbush),

Honorable Mentions were West Stokes Tony Bollman, Collin Marot, Chris Berrios, Tino Ramirez and Blake Woods (Surry Central)

Women’s – West Stokes Kaitlyn Stone, Erin Duke, Caroline Pulliam, Anna Kathryn Kilby (Forbush), Caroline Owens (Forbush), Lora McDevitt (Surry Central), Sarah Hayden (Forbush), Mirian Hernandez (Surry Central), Hannah Pearson (Forbush), and Madison Shore (Forbush).

Honorable Mentions – West Stokes Anna McGhee, Abbi Salter (Forbush), Monserratt Andrade (Forbush), Lauren Holowiti (Forbush), and Gina Myers (Forbush).

West Stokes senior Caustin Beckner was named Defensive Player of the Year.
http://thestokesnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/web1_CaustinB.jpgWest Stokes senior Caustin Beckner was named Defensive Player of the Year. Michael Mullins | For The Stokes News
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