WPAC names all-conference teams

West Stokes Jordan Grubbs was named WPAC’s Most Valuable Defensive Player of the Year.

2015 Softball All Conference Team: Brea Lawson (West Stokes), Taylor Perkins (West Stokes), Leah Smith (West Stokes), Abigail Worley (West Stokes), Autumn Miller (South Stokes), Samantha Williams (South Stokes), Logan Wood (Forbush), Allison Mitchell (Forbush), Taylor Wooten (Forbush), Sydney Miller (Forbush), Taylor Hill (North Surry), Katlin Anthony (Surry Central), Claire Via (Surry Central), Aubrey Hall (North Surry), Cidney Fulk (North Surry), Marissa Lineberry (Forbush), and Drew Beamer (North Surry)

Honorable Mentions: Mariah Maynard (West Stokes), Ashley Philylaw (West Stokes), Allyssa Duggins (West Stokes), Charley Fallin (South Stokes), Savannah Yale (Forbush), Jordan Badgett (North Surry), Hope Hinson (Surry Central), Alyssa Westberry (Carver) and Mallory Choplin (Forbush)

Logan Wood of Forbush is the Player of the Year and Jeremy Helton of Forbush is the Coach of the Year

2015 Soccer All Conference Team: Jordan Grubbs (West Stokes), Anyssa VanMeter (West Stokes), Liz Nail (West Stokes), Zoe Wehr (West Stokes), Morgan Snow (West Stokes), Jordan Moore, Brittney Jones (South Stokes), Leah Smith (South Stokes), Haleigh Yontz (South Stokes), Taylor Rothrock (South Stokes), Madison York (Forbush), Jessican Funk (Forbush), Shannon Holden (Forbush), Kelsey Taylor (Surry Central), Anna Reavis (Forbush), Nancy Rios (Forbush), Macy Johnson (Forbush), and Emilee Stanley (Surry Central)

Jordan Grubbs of West Stokes High School is the Most Valuable Defensive Player of the Year, Madison York of Forbush High is the Most Valuable Offensive Player of the Year, and Chris Manley of West Stokes High School is the Coach of the Year

Honorable Mentions: Mackenzie Edwards (West Stokes), Karly Johnson (South Stokes), Samantha Foster (Forbush), Maddy Snow (Surry Central), Adaly Herandez (North Surry), and Michaela Stone (Forbush)

2015 Men’s Tennis All Conference Team: Ethan Elliott (West Stokes), Jacob Covington (West Stokes), Sam Elter (West Stokes), George Blankenship (West Stokes), Thomas Caroll (South Stokes), Drew Hicks (South Stokes), Corbin Willard (North Surry), Cole Leonard (Surry Central), Kirk Needham (Surry Central), Weston Mosley (Surry Central), Zach Cochram (Surry Central), Jose Montero (Surry Central) and Alex Jones (North Surry)

Singles Champion: Ethan Elliott of West Stokes, Doubles Champion: Needham/Mosley of Surry Central

Corbin Willard of North Surry is the Player of the Year and Matt Tuck of Forbush is the Coach of the Year

2015 Baseball All Conference Team: Jake Washer (West Stokes), Junior Snow (West Stokes), Keelan Marshall (West Stokes), Josh Chunn (West Stokes), Brodrick Rierson (West Stokes) Jacob Mabe (South Stokes), Hunter Rothrock (South Stokes), Nick Wilson (North Surry), Bryson Lee (Forbush), Tyler Campbell (Forbush), Brady Watts (North Surry), Travis Green (Surry Central), Casey Wright (North Surry), Carson Fulp (Forbush), Chase Chandler (North Surry), Neil Hutchens (Forbush), John Marshall (Surry Central)

Honorable Mentions: Alex Helvey (West Stokes), Barrett Durham (West Stokes), Charles Finney (South Stokes), Kendal Tucker (North Surry), Jacob Patten (North Surry), Jack Crews (Forbush), Brett Fulk (Forbush), Carter Foster (Forbush), and Jalin Richardson (Carver)

Jake Washer of West Stokes is the Player of the Year and Toni Martin of North Surry is the Coach of the Year

2015 Men’s Track All Conference Team: Keelan Goodwin (South Stokes), Kenneth Thomas (South Stokes), Jalyn Simmons (South Stokes), Matt Patane (South Stokes), Matt Mudd (South Stokes), Jacob Wagner (West Stokes), Cody McBride (West Stokes), Josh Adkins (West Stokes), Brian Sessoms (Carver), Devon Pleasants (Carver), Kyndell Dean (Carver), Luis Salazar (Surry Central), Dakota Mendenhall (Forbush), Daniel Alvarez (Surry Central), Matthew Mayes (North Surry), Will Kilby (Forbush), Dylan Andrade (Forbush), Tony Douglas (Forbush), Tyler Fitzgerald (Surry Central), and Andrew Cave (North Surry)

2015 Women’s Track All Conference Team: Kia Fulp (South Stokes), Tia Wilson (South Stokes), Carolyn Ross (South Stokes), Sydney Combs (South Stokes), Lauren Collins (South Stokes), Alyssa Bonner (South Stokes), Kelsi Grantham (South Stokes), Antoinette France (South Stokes), and Kaitlyn Stone (West Stokes), Sykenza Evans (Carver), Brittany Moose (Forbush), Anna Kathryn Kilby (Forbush), Alma Rodriguez (North Surry), Anna Harris (Forbush), Karie Whitaker (Forbush), MacKenzie Fulk (Forbush), Brooklyn Woodbury (North Surry), and Daisha Bunn(Surry Central)

Honorable Mentions: Nicole Rogers (South Stokes), Brendalyn Daughtry (West Stokes), Lashannel Ennis (Carver), Sarah Hayden (Forbush), Sierra Winters (Forbush), Monseratt Andrade (Forbush), and Kaniah Robinson (North Surry)

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