East Coast Basketball Camp underway

East Coast Basketball hosted their day camp at West Stokes this week for rising third through tenth graders.

Former players demonstrate a drill for the campers.

East Coast offers three camps throughout the month of June. The shooting camp is set to begin on Monday, June 29.

East Coast Basketball kicked off their day camp on Monday, the second of three camps being held at West Stokes in June.

“Basically I want them to get enthusiastic about playing,” Wildcats coach Dan Spainhour said. “I think kids play so much that sometimes it just becomes ho-hum. We want them to be excited and catch a little of our passion.”

The coach compared the experience to going to the store and buying ingredients for a cake.

“They won’t make the cake here but we hope to give them the fundamental ingredients and they’ll take it and do something with it,” he said.

Along with solid coaching from Spainhour and coach Forrest Munden current and past players in West Stokes basketball program worked with the third through tenth graders.

“I think it’s good because kids have a lot of chances to be instructed but they don’t get a lot of chances to be instructed by kids in a program. That’s what we’re trying to teach, what it’s like to be in a program. Our guys are the example, and plus for our current players they can learn a lot by teaching,” Spainhour said.

Grayson Cobb, a 2013 graduate and collegiate athlete at Wingate said he enjoys working with the kids and seeing their enthusiasm.

“I helped with it through high school and I think it’s good for the kids to see the older players who come back and still want to be a part of this,” he said.

Last week East Coast hosted a developmental camp and next week (June 29 – July 2) they’ll finish the summer with a shooting camp geared at showing the proper techniques to become a strong shooter and scorer.

“At our basketball camp they get four days and if it’s fun it’ll leave them wanting a little bit more as opposed to just doing it over and over,” Spainhour said. “My opinion is they don’t need to be so serious; it needs to be fun.”

A big draw for campers each year is the chance to set a weekly camp record along with an East Coast Basketball camp record, the oldest dating back to 2003.

“If you break one of these you’ll win the all-champions and you’ll stay there until somebody knocks you off,” the coach said.

In 2012 recent graduate Spencer Hensley, who worked at Monday’s camp, set a free throw record of sinking 44 in a row.

Spainhour told the campers, “This year he shot 94 percent of his free throws and you know where it all started? Right where you are.”

For more information about East Coast Basketball Camps visit eastcoastbasketballcamps.com. Space is still available for the upcoming shooting camp beginning Monday, June 29.

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