Grubbs is WPAC DPY

West Stokes Jordan Grubbs was named Defensive Player of the Year. The Wildcats tied with Forbush as WPAC champions this season.

“It was a huge honor,” said West Stokes Jordan Grubbs after being named WPAC’s Defensive Player of the Year.

The rising senior credited her teammates, especially those who play the back line.

“Knowing I had them on defense gave me the confidence to really push myself in games because I knew they always had my back. We’re so close and it feels like family because we truly do lift one another up and we draw strength in each other. It’s not just one person out there carrying the team,” she said.

Grubbs has been playing soccer since three years old and has been a part of the NTSC Stokes Spirits, Twin City, Fusion, Chestnut Grove and West Stokes program.

When the teen was younger she said Twins coach Catie Conner helped her develop a love for the sport while teaching her to have fun playing it.

“I think that’s so important when you first start out playing, to keep it fun and not so much emphasis on the win.”

That’s not to say Grubbs isn’t competitive. She was part of the Lady Wildcats state championship team last season and although she wished her team had progressed further in the state playoffs this year, she’s proud of what they accomplished in tying with Forbush as conference champions.

“It was definitely a transition from last year but I think what makes us so special is how we all get along so well and it shows in how we play, encourage, and support one another out there on the soccer field.”

Grubbs said her coach, Chris Manley inspires her to be a better player and challenges their team to reach their full potential.

“He’s an awesome coach and mentor,” she said.

Grubbs started as a striker at West Stokes but eventually transitioned into playing defense.

“I made adjustments where coach Manley and my team needed me to play. I learned a new position and tried to play it to the best of my ability,” she said.

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