Chestnut Grove scores sports equipment

By Amanda Dodson -

King City Council approved a resolution to donate a formally used football scoreboard and goal posts from Recreational Acres to Chestnut Grove Middle School after receiving a request from principal David Durham.

“NC general statutes allows us to declare surplus property and donate it to another governmental organization,” explained City Manager Homer Dearmin.

With a new playground being constructed, the area will no longer be used as a football field, and the city has no use for the equipment.

Durham said Chestnut Grove’s motivation for upgrading the football field stems from an upcoming football scrimmage where the school will host 18 middle school teams.

“We have 15 North Carolina schools and three Virginia schools that will be attending. Our hope is that we represent King in a professional way and to have good looking facilities that represent the image that the city of King wants portrayed. It would be a donation that would help our school over the next 15 to 20 years.”

Dearmin said the scoreboard at Recreational Acres is four to five years old while Chestnut Grove’s is over 20.

“They were in the process of thinking about buying a new one,” Dearmin said. “The one they were looking at, a new scoreboard was going to be $9,500 plus the cost of installation. They figure a donation from the city will save the school an excess of $14,000.”

Some costs may be incurred to move and transport the equipment, but Dearmin believes it can be worked out with the school and be kept to a minimal cost.

Councilman Brian Carico added, “I think being able to give back to Chestnut Grove Middle serves our residents here in King. I think it’s a great way to surplus this equipment.”

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By Amanda Dodson

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