North Stokes hosts summer volleyball camp

New head volleyball coach Christine Condon explains a drill to the middle school campers Monday afternoon.

The Lady Vikings volleyball program hosted a three-day middle school camp.

Campers learned defense, proper passing techniques, serving, hitting drills and footwork.

Senior Megan Condon shows the middle school athletes how to serve.

The Lady Vikings volleyball program kicked off their three-day middle school camp on Monday afternoon from 1-3 p.m.

Head coach Christine Condon said the time was spent focusing on defense, proper passing techniques and serving.

“Tomorrow we’ll do it again because if you don’t have a pass you won’t have anything else. We’ll also work on proper hitting drills and footwork,” she said.

Condon is hoping the middle school athletes will gain a better understanding of the game and be prepared to play at the middle school level.

“They’ll at least have a beginning foundation so they won’t be starting from scratch,” she said.

Kierston Garner assisted Condon along with former cheer coach Breanna Largen who’s set to work with the Lady Vikings this season.

Garner played volleyball in high school before becoming a part of Salem College’s softball program. Since playing at the collegiate level, she’s been named all-state and chosen player of the week three times.

“I enjoy volunteering and coaching kids. I really saw them improve today,” she said.

Condon said it felt good to watch the players take direction then apply it.

“It was nice to see them make that progression,” she said.

Garner added, “Not only that, I know for myself a little yellow ball took me to new places. I made friends through sports and it allowed me to try new things,” she said.

Also helping coach the camp is Condon’s players.

“We ask everyone who is a sophomore and up to come out and we especially expect our seniors to be here. It’s really nice that they can explain what they know. There’s a big difference in playing and being able to teach someone to play,” she said. “If we can make it fun in these three days hopefully they’ll enjoy it with Kelly (Nichols) and then come up here and play. Anytime you can keep a kid active you keep them focused and you keep them occupied and moving in the right direction.”

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