Powerhouse Training Facility offers much more than a workout

The 40,000 square foot facility includes an 8,000 square foot multi-field for football, soccer and lacrosse and 9,000 square feet of turf for baseball and softball. The complex also is equipped with three 70-foot batting cages.

Joe Middleton, a certified kettlebell instructor held a recent class for local athletes.

Powerhouse Training Facility recently opened at 416 West King Street in King. Pictured: Pam Seat, Megan Butner, Dalton Seat, John Cockerham, Joe Middleton, and John Seat.

This isn’t your average gym. It’s a one-stop shop for all ages, fitness levels, and athletes looking to improve their game.

Last week John and Pam Seat opened the doors to Powerhouse Training Facility in King, minutes from West Stokes High School.

As parents of a college football player they understand the investment needed to propel athletes to the next level.

“Our son has been to every camp. We spent a lot of money, some of which I’d like to have back,” Seat smiled. “There’s a lot of kids that don’t get that opportunity because training is expensive. So, that’s really where this came from. It’s our way to give kids in this community quality training at an affordable price.”

When Seat and his wife began looking for a space the two stumbled across a property much larger than they originally envisioned.

“Because of the size it’s allowed us to have something for everybody. It’s a place for all fitness levels and you don’t just have to be an athlete,” he said.

The facility is 40,000 square feet and includes an 8,000 square foot multi-field for football, soccer and lacrosse and 9,000 square feet of turf for baseball and softball. The complex also is equipped with three 70-foot batting cages, two pitching lanes and a fielding area.

“You can go to other places and pump iron but our facility is based on speed and agility. We also have stations for lifting, free weights, and we have a certified kettlebell instructor. It’s important for us that it isn’t intimidating and everyone can find something to meet their fitness needs.”

In the beginning stages of remodeling Seat considered hosting a “South Stokes Day” and “West Stokes Day” for the schools individually, but said he’d rather see the athletes intermingle and work together.

“We have space for multiple schools at one time, and the truth is these kids play against each other on Friday night or throughout the week, but they’ve also grown up together because this is a strong community.”

Seat believes this area is full of a competitive athletes with the potential to play at the next level.

“On any given team you’ve got three or four really good players. I’d like to see it increase to maybe five or six so we can develop them for college. This is a place kids can step up their game and ramp up the competition.”

The location has also allowed the Seats to open their doors to small businesses.

“We want to afford the opportunity for other people so we’ve assumed all the risk. They can come in for a little bit of rent and can own their own business,” he said.

As of now, Power Cheer and Tumble, Spark Fitness, a strength and conditioning company, Cross Fit, Dancin’ Feet, and Muay Thai kickboxing are located in the facility.

The community’s reaction to Powerhouse has been overwhelmingly positive.

“People seem to be very excited and we’re just happy to be able to give back to this area and the kids,” Seat said.

Schools have already begun reaching out to the couple in hopes of using their indoor facility which is available for a predetermined fee.

“We’re going to focus on West, South, and East Surry just because they’re the closest and can get their kids here the easiest,” he explained. “But we’ve had schools call us that are further out and we’re not going to turn them away. The truth is we don’t want to compete with schools, we just want to compliment them.”

As many entrepreneurs would attest, the Seats have invested more than planned and there have been hiccups along the way.

“But when we opened and saw people here it was awesome and it really hit home. I saw some guys on the field and they came off sweating and feeling good. They were smiling and said they were ready to come back.”

A portion of what Powerhouse Training Facility offers:

– 70 foot batting cages and fielding areas for $10 a person per hour.

– Kid’s Night Friday, July 24 from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. for $10 a child for school age children. Includes games, activities, and opportunities to try out different sports equipment.

– Personal Training available through one-on-one classes or in group settings. Specified programs based on needs using kettlebells or other forms of functional movement.

– Open Gym from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for $5 a person.

– S.T.U.D.S (Student Training and Underclassmen Development System) a course focused on speed and agility to improve athletes overall performance. Group sessions of three or more for $10 per person.

– 4U (4 University) includes one-on-one training for sports with position specific instructor $25 for one hour.

– Free childcare room for anyone active in the building.

For more information about Powerhouse Training Facility call 336-529-3157 or visit 416 West King Street in King.

Amanda Dodson can be reached at 336-813-2426 or on Twitter at AmandaTDodson.

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