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A big topic of conversation among coaches this season is cutting down the use of profanity and improving sportsmanship.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) recently enacted a zero tolerance policy for all sports when it comes to inappropriate language and profanity.

The new rules state that head coaches and assistant coaches get two unsportsmanlike penalties per game, after the second offense the head coach is ejected.

Where the problem arises is that any penalty incurred by an assistant coach is also charged to the head coach. If two assistant coaches each get one penalty the head coach is ejected because he’s hit his two penalty limit.

The unsportsmanlike penalties could also be handed down to coaches who direct their profanity at an athlete on the sidelines.

If players direct their profanity at an official it’s a 15-yard penalty, the second time it’s an automatic ejection and a one-game suspension in football. All other sports it’s a two-game suspension.

According to the NCHSAA there were 329 player ejections during the 2015 football season — 16.4 percent or 54 times it was due to profanity. The majority of the ejections were for fighting, 35.9 percent, but both profanity and fighting are considered unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Improving sportsmanship, in all high school sports, is something the NCHSAA is taking very seriously.

Staff Report

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