North, West Stokes race to the finish

By Amanda Dodson -

North Stokes senior Dawson Durham led local runners with a seventh place finish (19:58.54) at Ivey Redmon in the team’s first 5k of the season. The Vikings men’s team finished sixth overall and West Stokes placed seventh.

Sophomore Jacob McGee came in 11th place with a time of 20:24.75 and Wests’ senior Chris Berrios 12th at 20:33.67.

“With the heat and humidity as it was, some of the times were not what some wanted, but it was a good showing for the first race,” said North Stokes coach Jimmy Dillard.

Viking sophomores Nicholas Delp (22:11.21) and TJ Magarci (22:21.17) rounded the 29th and 30th spot out of 89 runners.

Wildcats Shannon Webb (22:54.50) and Rex Mathis (23:00.46) took 36th and 37th place.

Other runners times: Junior Fulks (North Stokes, 23:28.10), Ben Davila (West Stokes, 23:58.27), Dylan Turney (West Stokes, 24:18.94), Joshua McQuinn (North Stokes 24:22.60), Nick Palmer (West Stokes, 24:55.65), Victor Moore (West Stokes, 25:31.11), and Matthew Snow (West Stokes, 30:25.97)

Men’s team finishes: Walkertown, Bishop McGuinness, East Wilkes, Forbush, Atkins, North Stokes, West Stokes, East Surry.

For the ladies, North Stokes Abigail Hemric proved she’ll be one to watch this season. The freshman finished in second place out of 47 runners with a time of 22:11.33.

“She had a good run,” Dillard said.

West Stokes sophomore Erin Dukes came in a close third at 22:54.73.

Lady Viking Lauren Collins finished seventh (23:56.31) and Morgan Cone 16th (26:18.42).

Other runners times: Caroline Pulliam (West Stokes, 28:13.53), Sarah Stone (West Stokes, 28:21.47), Emma Frye (North Stokes, 28:52.17), Brandy Bolens (North Stokes, 29:21.15), Madison Sexton (North Stokes, 29:33.67),Anna McGhee (West Stokes, 30:09.57), Rebekah White (West Stokes, 32:06.34), Tristyn Mobley (North Stokes, 34:38.36)

Ladies team finishes: Forbush, Bishop McGuinness, North Stokes, Walkertown, West Stokes, East Wilkes, Winston-Salem Prep.

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By Amanda Dodson

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