Stonewall has two-way tie

Stonewall Captains Choice winners.

Courtesy photo

Pictured are winners of a two-way tie in the weekly, Thursday morning, Captain’s Choice tournament held at Stonewall Golf course on September 1, 2016. L to R: Buster Mabe, Grady Throckmorton, Carol Wiles (hidden bhind Carol is Jackie Tuttle), Frank Rogers, Larry Clauer and Benny Stoltz. Both teams tied at 12 under par in the 18 hole tournament. Close to pins were: Hole #3 – Buster Mabe, 36 – Cliff Meadows, #8 – Terry Moppet, #13 – Benny Stoltz, 318 – Cliff Meadows.

Stonewall Captains Choice winners. Captains Choice winners. Courtesy photo
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